I am a writer, an animal rescuer, a reader of almost anything good, rock music aficionada, baseball fan (Go Twins!).  Perpetually curious and while not necessarily willing to try anything, will definitely think about it and write about it.

Books:  Historical fiction is a favorite, as well as historical non-fiction, particularly medieval European history, but I don’t restrict myself to one place or period.  I like animal stories, even though they always make me cry.  Bios, auto-bios, mythology, folklore, psychology,  the classics.  I like reading about baseball, fiction or non-, a good mystery will never let me down, and I still read children’s picture books every so often.

My reading affects my writing in that I tend to read what will help a current writing project.  When I get back to my historical novel, I will be reading a lot of medieval Welsh and English history, particularly folklore and customs.