As a child, I lamented my October birthday because I thought life would have been a little better had I not been required to attend school on on my special day.   Barring the twelfth falling on a weekend, I was there.   No sense in faking a sick day on my birthday!

Surely more things of import have happened on this day (Columbus Day and the day the Twins beat the Tigers in the 1987 American League playoffs spring to mind) but there are few things that touch my life as deeply as the germination of Oktoberfest.  According to, the very first Oktoberfest was held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany on October 12, 1810.

This first big orgy of beer drinking was put on to honor  the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig (King Ludwig 1) to Princess Therese of Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The wedding took place on October 12th.  Everyone had such a knock-down good time that the Germans decided to throw one each year thereafter.

Munich still has “the” Oktoberfest, but the festival is celebrated in many parts of Europe and America even today.  It usually appears in September, when the weather is more likely to be good for outdoor  binge-drinking.

How is this significant for yours truly?  Not because I like carousing in crowds, not by a long shot.  Those days are gone for me. But I do enjoy a good beer, (okay, two or three), from time to time.  Okay, most days.   A nice cold Summit Extra Pale Ale always hits the spot at the close of an action-packed day.  It’s my Oreos, my bag of chips, my cheesecake, whatever your particular favorite junk food is.  Only my beer is not junk food:  there is some research that shows that dark beer has important nutrients that I need to keep me strong and healthy.  It’s a cholesterol-free beverage and wheat, malt and hops are good for you, right?

Whatevs.  I’m just happy to share my day with something meaningful.